Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bali Satay

  • 350 gr beef
  • 1/2 coconut
  • 3 pieces of garlic
  • 4 pieces of red chili peppers
  • 1 spoon brown sugar
  • 10 gram corriander
  • 10 gram kencur
  • 1 lime
  • 1 galangal leaf
  • 1 teaspoon shrimp paste
  • salt and pepper
  • Shred beef, shred coconut
  • Slice garlic and brown it.
  • Heat shrimp paste a little bit
  • Get lime juice
  • Mix garlic, chili pepper, brown sugar, corriander, kencur, galanga, shrimp paste with a blender
  • Mix evenly with beef and coconut and the spice mix above add salt, pepper, and orange juice
  • Form thumb-sized pieces from this mix, and stick each on a skewer
  • Barbecue until done 

(Source: indo.com/restaurants/recipe)
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bacon Recipe Ingredients

Bacon ingredients, via BBQaddicts:

  • 2 pounds thick cut bacon
  • 2 pounds Italian sausage
  • 1 jar of your favorite barbequ
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Indonesia Chicken Soup Recipe

Soto or soup is popular street food in Indonesia. People usually eat soup (chicken or cow soup) as breakfast. Soto usually serves with rice inside. There are a lot of recipe style of this soup. It depend from origin area, such as betawi soup fronm Jakarta, Lamongan soup from Lamongan (city in East Java Province), and others.

Here the chicken soup recipe for you all, try it to taste Indonesian soup style.

  • 1 whole chicken
  • 5 stalks green onions, finely sliced
  • 2 Tbs. sweet soy sauce
  • 1 tsp. vinegar
  • vegetable oil
  • 100 gram flour
  • 150 ml water
  • 200 gram beansprouts
  • 150 gram crisp-fried potato chips
  • 100 gram cellophane noodles, soaked briefly in hot water until softened and drained
  • 5 hard-boiled eggs, quartered
  • 2 Tbs. fried shallots
  • 3 stalks flat-leaved parsley, finely sliced
  • Spice Paste Ingredients:
  • 4 cm fresh ginger
  • 10 small cloves of garlic
  • 1 tsp. ground pepper
  • salt to taste
  • Put the chicken in a large pot cover with water and using medium high heat, bring the it to a boil and until tender. Set aside 2 liter of the chicken broth.
  • Bone the chicken and slice in 1x2 cm shreds. Stir-fry the chicken until it's golden yellow and set aside.
  • Fry the spice paste until fragrant with 1 Tbs. vegetable oil. Add it to the stock and heat the stock to boiling.
  • Add the sliced spring onions, sweet soy sauce and vinegar. Stir well.
  • Adjust the seasoning and simmer for a few minutes.
  • To make the beansprout fritters, mix the flour, water and salt and then add the beansprouts. Drop a heaped tablespoonful of the mixture into hot oil and fry to a golden yellow color. Remove and set aside.
  • To serve: Arrange the beansprout fritters, fried potato chips, cellophane noodles, hard-boiled eggs in a deep soup plate. Sprinkle fried shalots and parsley on top. Laddle the seasoned broth into the soup plate. This should be served very hot. For hot-flavor lovers, provide a side-dish of traditional Indonesia chili sauce.

Makes 8-10 servings.
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